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We Are China Manufacture of Precision Steel Tubes and Cylinder tubes, Piston rods and tubes

XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Precision Tubes, Seamless precision steel tubes,Cold drawn seamless precision tubes

Precision Steel Tubes

We supply Precision Steelpipe Tubes with high quality..

Precision Tubes
XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Cylinder Tubes,Precision Hydraulic Tubes, Honed Tubes, Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes

Cylinder tubes

We supply wide range of Cylinder tubes ,Hydraulic Cylinder Tube,Honed tubes.

Honed Tubes
XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Piston Rods, hydraulic piston Rods, Linear solid shaft

Piston Rods or Tubes

Supply Piston Rods or Tubes,Chromed Bars,Induction Hardened Chromed Rods.

Piston Rods And Hollow Shaft
XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Stainless steel Precision Tubes, 304 304L Precision Tubes, 304 304L Seamless precision tubes

Stainless Steel Precision Tubes

Supply Stainless Precision Tubes,Stainless Seamless precision tubes.

Stainless Steel Precision Tubes
XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Stainless steel Cylinder Tubes, Stainless steel Honed Tubes, 304 Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes, 304L honed Tubes

Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubes

Supply Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes, 304 304L 316 316L Honed Tubes .

Stainless Steel Honed Tubes
XINCE Co.,Ltd Supply Seamless Steel Pipes, A333 Gr.6 Seamless Steel Pipes, Alloy Seamless Steel pipes

Seamless Steel Pipes

Suppl Seamless Steel pipes Outdiameter 6mm-1080mm.

Seamless Steel Pipes

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